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Marvellous Martinique - The Island Paradise!

NEW! Under production - Available from March 1, 2024!

He was the only survivor!

When Mount Pelée violently erupted in 1902, the volcano’s hot pyroclastic flow buried and destroyed the bustling coastal town of St Pierre. Thirty thousand people perished, except for one confined resident - an inmate incarcerated in the dungeon of the local jail. He was pulled out alive!

Come along for the ride as Voyageur Fred takes you on a fascinating historical and cultural tour of marvellous Martinique. See the imposing medieval fortifications at Fort St Louis, friendly Fort-de-France, with its chic French colonial architecture, mysterious and dangerous Diamond Rock, followed by visits to sugar cane and banana plantations, a rum factory tour plus strolls on stunning and desolate white sand beaches.

The joyous atmosphere, music and colourful celebrations of Carnaval close out the show! It’s a tour de force of this exotic, beautiful and distinctive - French island paradise.

Created and produced by
Montreal adventure photographer and raconteur

Frederic Hore
Not to be missed!