Amazing Argentina
From Buenos Aires to Patagonia

It's a land featuring the soaring, saw-toothed Andes Mountains. It's also a place of lush tropical forests, gigantic thundering waterfalls, and dry arid pampas - where gauchos roam freely on horseback. It has incredibly diverse wildlife, from unique Patagonia dolphins, bounding guanacos to rambunctious Magellanic penguins.

It's a nation that sways, to a unique beat; where the sensuous tango... stirs up the heat! It is Amazing Argentina!

Join professional photographer Frederic Hore for the adventure, as he presents images and stories from the land of his forefathers. In a month-long, crazy and frenetic 10,360km road trip through dangerous lightning storms, undulating highways, and muddy back roads, it's a journey of discovery, that reveals the history, culture and stunning beauty of this vast country.

While you may not be able to sip on some matté, you will however, enjoy the Latin beat of this wild, 90 minute affectionate look back, at this land at the end of the world.

Created and produced by
Montreal adventure photographer and raconteur

Frederic Hore

Not to be missed!


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