Mystical Easter Island

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His BIG eyes glowed white, in the morning sunlight.

His face was cocked skyward, in a most unusual stare. Some of his friends were looking down, while others stared straight forward, as if lost in their thoughts. But what were they thinking? More important... what was their purpose?

The mysterious, monolithic Moai stone statues of Easter Island have long intrigued travellers, archeologists, scientists and historians alike, ever since their initial discovery by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen in 1722.

It inspired the famous Kon-Tiki voyages of Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl, who documented how ancient Polynesians were able to sail across the vast Pacific Ocean, to inhabit this remote island paradise in the middle of nowhere.

Join me for the adventure, as I take you on a wondrous odyssey, to reveal the mystical and mysterious Moai statues, and the life and culture of the ancient people of Rapa Nui, that has confounded travellers for centuries.

It's a vibrant and colourful 90-minute digital slide show, featuring Polynesian and Chilean music, infused with the history and culture of this remarkable island, imbued with lively travel lore.

Not to be missed!

Created and produced by
Montreal adventure photographer and raconteur

Frederic Hore

Not to be missed!


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