Return to Peru -
Secrets of the Sacred Valley!

Everyone was in shock. As team members from Earthwatch gathered around and looked at the base of an ancient wall that had been unearthed over several days, two volunteers slowly and carefully, brushed away the dry soil around their startling find - exposing a human skull!

We were near the village of Huaro, breaking ground at a new archaeological site some 40km South-East of Cuzco, part of a region known as the Sacred Valley. Searching for artifacts from the ancient Wari Empire, a people that predated the Inca’s rise to power, what we would discover would surprise and confound archaeologists and students alike.

With more than 300 Inca ruins, including the world-renowned Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley to this day holds many secrets, some of which we had come to uncover.

Join Frederic as he takes you on a trip of discovery through the Urabamba River valley deep in the Andes Mountains, exploring the ancient cities of the Inca and Wari people that inhabited this region, while learning the stories, legends and rituals of this unique place. From remote hillside excavation sites, through rustic villages with beautiful Spanish cathedrals, to the hidden, mountain-top Inca cities of Ollantaytambo and Machu Pichuu - its a voyage you will not want to miss.

A vibrant and colourful 90-minute slide show featuring Peruvian music and lively travel lore.

Created and produced by
Montreal adventure photographer

Frederic Hore


Not to be missed!

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