A Stargazer's Guide to
Photographing the Night Sky

Capturing the star-filled heavens in all its glory!

Returns August 26, 2017 from 7pm to 1am!

Near Bainsville, Ontario

This two evening workshop focuses on how to photograph the stars, moon and auroras Live! on location. On the second night, the techniques used to process your images in either Photoshop Elements 14/15, Photoshop CC or Lightroom 6 will be demonstrated to achieve stunning results!

Our shooting location is a farmers field near Bainsville, just west of the Quebec border, with barns and farmers houses providing a nice silhouette in the evening twilight. The first half-hour will focus on how to shoot in Manual mode, the camera settings required, and the theory to achieve a proper exposure.

Around sunset at 7:33pm, we will position our cameras to capture the changing light and the emerging stars in the cobalt blue skies. A pitch black late evening will assure us of superb views of the massive Milky Way Galaxy. Moonrise occurs at 12:04am, and even then, it will be less than a half moon. Weather permitting and if clear skies prevail, we should have excellent viewing! We might even see and capture the ISS - the Internal Space Station, as it traverses the sky. It photobombed our group in a previous field trip!

Each participant will be individually assisted, during the shooting session.

* If rain is forecast, the evening will be re-scheduled for either Sunday, August 27, or Saturday, September 9, 2017

Tuesday, September 12 at 7:30pm – will be our second night, dedicated to viewing and critiquing your images in a helpful manner. You will be shown how to resize, process and sharpen your images using either Photoshop Elements 14 or 15, Photoshop CSC or Lightroom 6 to achieve best results, to make the stars Pop! off your screen or print. Questions and answers will be encouraged.

This workshop will be conducted in English and French. English handouts will be provided with suggested exposure settings, a resource list, and websites for further information.

Workshop location:       Near Bainsville, Ontario (50 minutes from Montreal)
Processing Workshop:   Location TBA

Maximum participants:  8

Skill level: Intermediate

Participants should be familiar with how to set the ISO, shutter and aperture settings on their camera. One-on-one instruction will be provided if you are not sure.

Equipment required:

- DSLR or compact camera such as Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, etc.
Must be able to shoot in RAW mode, and have a “Bulb” setting to perform time exposures longer than 30 seconds, usually found in the Shutter S or TV (Canon) setting on most cameras.
- a wide angle lens - 24mm or wider is suggested. May be a fixed prime lens or a zoom.
- telephoto zoom lens for crescent moon close-ups (optional)
- camera tripod
- shutter release cable (electronic or wireless – check your manual for details)
(Time delay shutter release possible if you do not have a shutter release cable)

Reservation, Registration and Confirmation:

To reserve your spot, please email Frederic Hore at fhore@remarkable-images.com
or call 514-403-4044

Cost and payment:

$120.00+ taxes = $138.56 per person, for the complete 2-night course

Cheques should be made payable to:
Frederic Hore

Please mail cheques to:
Media Pro Enterprises
c/o Frederic Hore
CP 244, Succ Cote St Luc,
Montreal, QC
H4V 2Y4

Payments may also be made in person. Please call 514-403-4044 to make arrangements.

A receipt will be provided by email as a PDF, at the conclusion of the event. Email confirmation will be provided when payment is received. Printed receipts provided upon request.

Terms and Conditions:

Payment must be received in full by August 18, 2017 at 17h00 to secure your spot.

No refunds for cancellations after NOON, August 23, 2017.

Full refunds will be provided only in the event of sickness by the workshop leader Frederic Hore, or if the event is rained out, and the alternate weekend of August 27 or September 9, 2017 is not workable.

* Note: Participants will be notified by email and phone if there is a change in dates due to inclement weather. A Photo Check List, Rendezvous Point, Directions, Itinerary, Maps and more will be provided to registered and paid up participants.

This workshop is crafted and produced
by professional photographer and workshop instructor

Frederic Hore

Not to be missed!


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